August 27, 2021

Weekly Update


This week we've finished the Create Account workflow, with screens design with non-crypto users in mind, creating friendly informational steps along with the flow.


This week we've done the mnemonic UI Component, implementation of the early stage of the Create Account flow. Also, created our common frontend library b58-js that will be the core for both Extension and Mobile.


This week we've finished up most of the foundation of the app. Now the app is ready to communicate with our internal API as well as the main Cardano CLI. We also reviewed the look and feel and main UI/UX components to get ready to start working on the create wallet workflow.


This week we've finished the GraphQL serve implementation. The serve now is ready to start the implementation of the models and methods that interact with Cardano Blockchain.

Team B58 Finance




A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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B58 Finance

B58 Finance

A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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