B58 Finance signs partnership with ADA Handle

B58 Finance is very happy to announce our partnership with ADA Handle, a custom wallet address standard. Our first collaboration will be with the integration of our B58 Wallet where our users will be able to use and create their Handle standard from the Chrome Extension.

This partnership will bring in later stages, the possibility to add more information to your profile, as well as some new use cases that we're really excited about.

About ADA Handle

ADA Handle is a custom wallet addresses for the Cardano blockchain. Secured on-chain. That ensures that your custom address will always resolve to your current wallet address, every time.

Which is also a non-custodial address resolver. That works completely as an address routing service that lives on the Cardano blockchain. With no access to the user's private data.

Using revolutionary new technology to ensure that we simply return a valid Cardano crypto address whenever a handle standard is submitted, either to our web app or our upcoming API.

Twitter: @adahandle
Website: https://adahandle.com/

About B58 Finance

B58 Finance wants to increase the adoption of Cardano by providing members of the general public with a familiar onboarding point that gives access to DeFi whilst simultaneously removing the complexities of the DeFi world. This will be done by presenting this world of DeFi to the users through the familiar interface of a mobile app. Viewed through a traditional financial lens this wallet and the company itself can be seen as an internet or mobile bank.

Twitter: B58 Finance and @B58Wallet
Website: https://b58.finance



A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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