B58 Finance signs partnership with VyFinance

B58 Finance
2 min readOct 20, 2021

B58 Finance is very happy to announce our partnership with VyFinance, a decentralized exchange. Our first collaboration will be with the integration of our B58 Wallet into their DEX application through the Chrome Extension.

This partnership will bring in later stages, Liquidity farm and to each projects’ respective platforms. Where Vyfi will consider seeding the ADA for the liquidity farm on B58’ platform. And B58 would host a farm for a Vyfi/ADA pool on their platform, and VyFi would host a B58/ADA farm on VyFinance.

Launching of a Staking Pool on each Parties respective platforms. This involves users staking either their Vyfi or B58 in return for the other projects token.

And in a future not too far will be working together to bring, NFT and DeFi integration into our wallet.

About VyFinance

VyFinance is an original interpretation of a DEX, built upon four main pillars. Firstly, a liquidity aggregator (auto harvester) as our top layer (this is where users can come in and without managing their own funds, the auto harvester can do that instead.) Secondly a Neural Net (a program that teaches itself how to perform tasks), in this case be learning how to optimise liquidity over yield farms. Thirdly, a Bar in which a certain percentage of fees from the exchange and part of the farm from the Auto harvester will be distributed to our bar, which are our VYFI holders. Finally, an LMS system to tie it all together, the LMS aims to educate newcomers on how to interact with DEFI successfully and safely, the ultimate goal is for users to engage with the Auto Harvester and eventually gain the essential knowledge to use our more traditional defi tools such pools and farms.

About B58 Finance

A next-generation, mobile and browser based wallet with an integrated DeFi platform, aiming to increase the adoption of Cardano through the familiarity of the access point.

B58 Finance wants to increase the adoption of Cardano by providing members of the general public with a familiar onboarding point which gives access to DeFi whilst simultaneously removing the complexities of the DeFi world. This will be done by presenting this world of DeFi to the users through the familiar interface of a mobile app. Viewed through a traditional financial lens this wallet and the company itself can be seen as an internet or mobile bank.