October 5, 2021

Weekly Update

For this week’s update, we’re covering last week work that we’ve some great improvements.


We've been working on a unique brand identity for our wallet which can be easily identifiable now we present the B58 Wallet Logo and Icon.

B58 Wallet Full
B58 Wallet Icon Color
B58 Wallet Icon Solid

Follow our new account @B58Wallet on Twitter.


We've been working on the coin selection algorithm and we found that the new cardano-js-sdk is providing a few other standards that we'd like to use. For that reason, we're going to replace part of our code on b58-js with the Cardano one. We need to help Cardano and dApps to be able to have a standard way of communication and we'll contribute back to this project as well.


This week we focused our efforts on expanding the integration with our internal library for better interoperability across all platforms. The process to create a wallet is in progress for the next couple of weeks.


Following up on last weeks discussion about the communication with the Blockchain, we have decided to base our model on what the Ogmios project is doing and embed a full Cardano Node as closely as possible to our back end. We are now going to work on the details of how this is going to work. This week we also made some experiments on the topic of NFT visualization through AR and VR using Unity 3D and ARCore / ARKit, for Android and iOS. More demos on that are going to be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Team B58 Finance




A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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B58 Finance

B58 Finance

A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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