Plutus Pioneer Program

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Our team has enrolled on the second cohort Cardano Plutus Pioneer Program, to learn more and bring the smart contracts to our platform.

What is the Plutus pioneer program?

It is a program to recruit and train developers in Plutus for the Cardano ecosystem. When you join this program, you will become part of a group with early access to a set of courses that teach you the core principles of how to code in both Haskell and Plutus. It will be highly interactive, with weekly videos, exercises, and Q&A sessions, along with exclusive access to the creators and key experts in the language. You will also be able to join a dedicated community channel, created to help pioneers connect to each other as you learn.

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A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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B58 Finance

A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.

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