September 18, 2021

Weekly Update

B58 Finance
1 min readSep 18, 2021

For this week's update, we're covering all latest from our project since we have missed few reports for some awesome work we're doing in the background.


In the last few weeks, we've decided to spin off the wallet website into a separate one, with the aim to give the deserved focus to the core piece of the whole B58 Finance Platform.

We also have been working on a new icon/logo for the wallet and reserved some social and the domain. The official wallet site will be under (SOON) and Twitter at @B58Wallet.


For the last few weeks, we have managed to implement the whole shared library that we call b58-js that covers the account creation process, transaction build and validation, and also some utility methods that will be used in both Extension and Mobile App.


This week we updated the UI to support the current theme on the phone (light or dark). We also finished the UI/UX sync with the extension, now all components are matching across all devices and platforms. With all these important changes in place, we could focus again on the first main functionality for the wallet, the option to create a new account.


In the last few weeks, we have implemented our GraphQL API using Rust + Actix + Async_Graphql. In addition to our custom PostgreSQL database, now our Backend is able to connect directly to a Cardano node to communicate with Blockchain, and the best part is: the performance is blazing fast!


Team B58 Finance