September 25, 2021

Weekly Update

B58 Finance
1 min readSep 25, 2021

For this week's update, we're covering last week work that we've some great improvements.


We've been working on a shared library called b58-js, we're the core features of the wallet lives, and we have completed the serialization of the account and wallet creation, as well as encryption, we can now Sign a Transaction, and we have started the work into to building a Transaction.

As part of this work, we're creating our own implementation in TypeScript of the Coin Selection algorithm design for Cardano. And we're using the Haskell implementation as our reference (IOHK — Cardano Coin Selection).


This week we focused on getting the create wallet UX right. Adding the necessary (some might call annoying) warnings for the recovery phrase and passwords. We also start integrating our code with our internal library b58-js, which we will make public in the future, and we started using some of the core functionalities from there.


This past week, after having implemented the base for our GraphQL server, we have been tweaking our connection to the Cardano node. We are experimenting with various ways of communicating from our browser extension and mobile app directly to the Cardano Blockchain. So far our favourites are: using the Cardano CLI directly, or through the amazingly innovative Ogmios ( using web sockets. We will decide on what is the best way in the next few weeks.


Team B58 Finance